Irene selected for CMB training grant!!

From the website:

The Cell and Molecular Biology faculty at the University of Virginia provides a comprehensive graduate training program in modern cell and molecular biological sciences. It is the purpose of the program to provide the widest possible choice of mentors, and hence, research areas, while offering an individually-tailored academic program for each graduate student.

We believe that the best biological scientists are those who possess a broad knowledge of cell and molecular biology, as well as a thorough understanding of their own particular research area.

The Cell and Molecular Biology program capitalizes on the expertise and resources of a large, diverse, and excellent faculty composed of more than ninety members from eight basic science departments and programs in the university.

Graduating 4th years: Catherine, Danielle, Dawson, and Kelvin

4 of our wonderful undergrads are graduating.  In the 3+ years they have been in the lab they have accomplished so much.... I am incredibly proud.  They are not only excellent students but also great people.  I'm confident that you will be able to do whatever they set their minds to in the future...they will be missed.  Here is where they are off to:

Catherine Jansch: Scribe position in Northen Virginia for 1 year and then off to med school (TBD)

Danielle Heffner: Med School at Pitt

Chris Dawson: Grad School at MIT

Kelvin Chan: Fulbright fellowship to study in Austria for 1 year and then MD/PhD (TBD).  Recently featured in an article

Stay tuned for Pictures of graduation:

Catherine and CD May, 2013