Great quote from Rita Levi-Montalcini

"Dico ai giovani: non pensate a voi stessi, pensate agli altri. Pensate al futuro che vi aspetta, pensate a quello che potete fare e non temete niente. Non temete le difficoltà: io ne ho passate molte e le ho attraversate senza paura, con totale indifferenza alla mia persona."


"I tell young people: Do not think of yourself, think of others. Think of the future that awaits you, think about what you can do and do not fear anything. Do not fear the difficulties: I've had many in the past and I crossed without fear, with total indifference for myself."
She posted this on her facebook page a couple days ago.  What an amazing person.  100 years old, nobel laureate, still publishing (see PNAS paper from last week), and posts on facebook....unreal.