Thanks to The Hartwell Foundation!

Thanks to The Hartwell Foundation for supporting our research exploring the sympathetic nervous system and childhood obesity.  This work was conceived in consultation with several colleagues around campus studying metabolism including Iggy Provencio, Susanna Keller, Gene Barrett, Thurl Harris, Kyle Thoen, Mike Scott, and several others.  I also appreciate the support of the VPR's team (in particular Tom Skalak, Rick Horowitz, Mike Timko, John Lazo, and Nikki Watson) who shepherded these proposals through and provided great comments and advice.  I'm very excited to work with so many amazing individuals in the Hartwell Foundation and around UVa.  Congratulations also to Silvia Blemker for receiving this honor....her work is mind blowing and promises to help a lot of kids with cleft pallet.  That we could receive two of these awards in one year really speaks to the vibrant research community here at UVa.  Check out some of the articles written about the award: